How Can We Conserve Energy Resources?

September 27, 2019 Off By Tristan

Energy resources can be either renewable or non-renewable. The former include solar, wind, hydropower, and geothermal. On the other hand, the latter include fossil fuel, natural gas, petroleum, and coal among others.

Whatever the case, everything in the world uses one form or the other of these resources. Consequently, conservation is essential to ensure that the resources never run out or get depleted. If that were to happen, the consequences would be too disastrous for life.

Below are a few ways of conserving energy resources.

Adjusting Daily Behaviors

The first strategy involves adjusting our daily behaviors. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to invest in energy efficient appliances. Many times, you can conserve energy by doing some of your tasks manually.

Replacing Light Bulbs

Normal incandescent bulbs are notorious for the excessive electricity they consume. Because of this, it is better to consider replacing them. Look for energy efficient alternatives, which consume up to 80% less electricity while lasting 25 times longer. Good alternatives include:

  1. Halogen incandescent bulbs
  2. Compact fluorescent lights
  3. LED lights

Lowering Room Temperature

The room you are using doesn’t always have to be too warm. Instead, you can reduce or lower the temperature, as a way of conserving energy. Moreover, you don’t have to reduce it substantially. A reduction of 1-2 degrees is sufficient for making huge energy savings.

Fixing Air Leaks

Those little air leaks you notice in your home could cause you huge losses. Therefore, ascertain if your house has all the required insulation. Furthermore, DIY solutions could be just as effective here if you lack the finances to hire an expert, who is a better option.

Using Maximum Daylight

Avoid using or relying on the bulbs – or unnatural light – during the day. Instead, work with natural lights from the sun where possible. Turn the lights off during the day and allow more daylight to enter your home or room to reduce overdependence on local power grid.

Perform Energy Audit

Look for professional energy audit experts to perform an exhaustive audit of your home. The audit will accomplish two things. First, it helps you to conserve energy. Two, it leads to substantial money savings each month. The audit accomplishes these:

  • by highlighting where you are losing energy
  • by listing the solutions required to tackle the problems

Driving Less, Walking More, and Carpooling

You don’t have to drive to work or any other destination all the time. For short distances, walking would be a better solution. Drive less and embrace carpooling with others more, especially those you are traveling to the same destination with. These strategies help in:

  • keeping you healthy through regular exercises
  • reducing your carbon footprint
  • reducing your monthly fuel bill and consumption

Planting Shade Landscaping

It’s remarkable how something as simple as planting shade landscaping can help to conserve energy. Such landscaping will prove highly efficient during summer afternoons, which are mostly excessively hot and sunny. It also protects you against chilly winds.

Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Technology has made it easier to conserve energy. It has introduced energy efficient windows, which are worth installing at home. Single pane windows are not energy efficient. On the other hand, going for the following options would boost your conservation efforts tremendously:

  • double pane windows
  • vinyl frames
  • selecting the appropriate blinds

Using Cold Water in the Washing Machine

It’s tempting to use hot or warm water in the cold machine at all times. However, this will always lead to increased energy consumption and bills. A better approach is to use cold water instead. What is more, do this in conjunction with quick cycle and see energy bills drop.

As shown above, you have no shortage of options regarding what to do to conserve energy at home or wherever you are. All the options and solutions mentioned above are easy to apply without costing you an arm and a leg.