About Skipjack Martha Lewis

Skipjack Martha Lewis holds the distinction of being the only one of its kind in Chesapeake Bay. For this reason, it attracts plenty of attention and visitors, who seem intrigued by its connection with the American tradition of sailing oyster fleets.

Nevertheless, as remarkably attractive as it is, there is no doubt that plenty of work is necessary to keep it in excellent condition. In this regard, it’s not surprising to see it receiving a heavy dose of maintenance quite frequently. Without such services, the skipjack would probably die.

Ideal for Group Activities

What is more, Skipjack Martha Lewis is perfect for group tours too. On top of that, the skipjack remains the choice of many individuals who wish to take a glimpse into the past to see what made sailing oyster fleets such powerful attractions.

Therefore, choose Skipjack Martha Lewis as your vessel of choice during the moments when you need to do something different and adventurous on Chesapeake Bay. Your group would love you for this! Furthermore, you could also use it for the following:

  1. Special cruises
  2. Children’s programs
  3. Private charters
  4. Public cruises
  5. Relaxed sailing
  6. Visiting the lighthouse
  7. Sunset cruises, which take place from May all the way to October
  8. Oystering trips, which are highly popular in November

While enjoying any of these activities with your entourage, you will also be free to order some tasty Margaritas. More than that, you would do all that while taking in the benefits of wonderful weather. As if that’s not enough, a knowledgeable crew will also be at your service.


You may be wondering about the ownership of Skipjack Martha Lewis. If you are, then you should know that Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy owns and operates it. More importantly, the conservancy ensures that it remains in the best possible condition throughout the year.

However, the conservancy never owned or built it originally. Initially, Bronza Parks built it in 1955 in Wingate. Almost forty years later, Allen C. Rawl – in conjunction with Havre de Grace Maritime Museum and City of Havre de Grace – restored it after years of use.

Commercial Fishing

Are you interested in commercial fishing? In that case, the Skipjack Martha Lewis would be your best bet, especially when you’re around Chesapeake Bay. Through it, you would be able to capture and enjoy the presence of various forms of marine life.

Some types of commercial fishing that you could embark on while on it include:

  • Recreational fishing
  • Long-lining
  • Dredging the surrounding water for fish using nets

As you engage in commercial fishing, you would also be helping to meet the growing demand for seafood. Nevertheless, the fishing that happens here doesn’t deplete the surrounding water of the fish population. Your appreciation for marine life will increase by several notches too!

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Skipjack Martha Lewis is full of history. For starters, it is worth visiting for all the information you need regarding the world of oystering. More than that, it also exposes you to a world of unmatched adventure, fun, and relaxation.